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Europe Days “Europe open to all, school open to all”

Europe Days were held by 30 nursery, elementary and secondary schools in various regions of the Czech Republic from 9 May to 27 June 2013.

The main aim of Europe Days is to provide regional support for institutions and individuals and to get them involved in the Lifelong Learning Program.

The schools involved took part in a competition held by the Centre for International Services /National Agency for European Educational Programmes/, intended for schools that have not yet signed up to the Lifelong Learning Program which teach any type of disadvantaged pupils.

The main aim of the competition was to draft a program for Europe Day that would enable pupils and guests to find out more about Europe in a creative way. Schools could implement this program in any way they liked as a school-wide project day.

30 of the 100 schools that registered for the program were provided with aid in organising Europe Day. The competition conditions, criteria and announcement can be found here.

The event was open to schools, municipal and regional representatives, local schoolteachers, parents and other guests. The event also included a seminar on European cooperation in education, the Lifelong Learning Program and other activities administered by the Centre for International Services.

The results of the Europe Days are distributed and promoted via the media. More information about the various different Europe Days can be found in the sections for the 30 schools that held the event, as well as in photo galleries and video footage. One of the sections is also devoted to the other schools than held Europe Day voluntarily, not as part of the competition.

Any questions should be directed to the contact person for the Centre for International Services for the Europe Days: Petr Chaluš,

Final report - European days 2013 (.pdf)

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